Ben Galley Ultimate Blog Tour book review; The Written #WriteReads #BenGalley #TheWritten #Ultimateblogtour

Hello everyone!!! Hope you’re having a great day(s) and, yeah, it’s been awhile since the last post but now I’m back!!! And with some exciting news, YAYYY! (I really need to stop using this”!!” too much)

Anyway, as you can see I’m participating in a blog tour, well let me clarify it a lit bit, it’s my first blog tour!!! How exciting and intriguing and marvelous and amazing and…and..ehhh, you got what I mean.

Also, on a side note, I’m no longer a high school student now HURRRAY!!!

Ben Galley is an author of dark and epic fantasy books who currently hails from Victoria, Canada. Since publishing his debut The Written in 2010, Ben has released a range of award-winning fantasy novels, including the weird western Bloodrush and the epic standalone The Heart of Stone. He is also the author of the brand new Chasing Graves Trilogy.

His name is Farden. They whisper that he’s dangerous. Dangerous is only the half of it. Something has gone missing from the libraries of Arfell. Something very old, and something very powerful. Five scholars are now dead, a country is once again on the brink of war, and the magick council is running out of time and options. Entangled in a web of lies and politics and dragged halfway across icy Emaneska and back, Farden must unearth a secret even he doesn’t want to know, a secret that will shake the foundations of his world. Dragons, drugs, magick, death, and the deepest of betrayals await. Welcome to Emaneska.

Reading the written (Book one of The Emanska Series) was enjoyable and overall great, I mean apart from the excitement (actually over excitement) of my first blog tour ever, I like reading fantasy books in general and this book has a lot of dragons and magick and, you know, death….

I honestly don’t know why but something about reading it is quite relaxing.

Thank you Dave (@The_WriteReads) for such amazing opportunity!!!

Until the next time!!!

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