Unforgettable year

Hello everybody!! I hope you’re all doing great. Today’s post is sooo special not only because of what it’s about(read on to find out) but also because I’m not the only one participating in writing it since some of my classmates have kindly agreed to take part in this. What’s so special about this post, you ask?? Well, it’s because I’m officially officially done with high school!!! And that doesn’t happen twice in life, so better make unforgettable.This year was an anticipated year, we were looking forward it for so long. So, it surely is an unforgettable experience filled with pleasant and unpleasant events (which we should not dwell on), but despite everything I’m happy that we made it until the very end. (Oh yeah I just did!⚡🤓)

First, I want to admit that this year was one of the best years of study and perhaps the best that I have met wonderful people and stayed with people I love them a lot and despite all the problems that occurred, that did not affect us so much😍😍 I love you so much guys💕💕

I met new people, some of them become friends, and of course (I’m no saint!) others think I’m some moody freak😜. Either way, I’m happy that I got the chance to meet and talk to them.

This year, we not only studied together, but we also laughed, cried,fought, broke rules, played together. It’s the best year, I won’t forget my classmates, my friends. And let’s not forget the teachers that helped us to where we’re now.It’s a year that I will never forget and that I will cherish all my life.💞💞

Basically, this year was a mixture of laughing, crying, mourning (Sam!!😭), playing, studying,trying to avoid stress, supporting each other…. and of course enjoying our last year of high school.

Love y’all !!!💞💞

Each one of us is going to be on her/his chosen way, some of us may even be in the same uni, but we’ll all remember that year when we studied with the two inseparable friends (much like twins actually), the anxious hard working student, the dragon rider, the song writer, the billionaire wisher, the book thirsty crazy cute potterhead divergent that go to the half blood camp every summer who is friends with Celaena (hey, that sounds just like me!! 😁),the healer, the one that mistakes a plane for a spacecraft, the kind soul and much more…

Dear friends , I can not deny that this year was a very wonderful one , it was a year full of happiness and amusing moments with beautiful people who care and love you from the bottom of their hearts, that’s why I want to congratulate all my wonderful classmates and to tell them that this year is unforgettable ❤

Well, come to think of it,honestly I can go on and on but words aren’t enough in this situation (yeah, Maui did it better. You’re welcome!!)

Where should I start
A beautiful year , probably the best .
we cried , laughed , played , studied together . New relationship were created, anthers stopped , we discovered new incredible people , learned a lot about our selves and about each other’s. I wish we could stay all of us friends for the rest of our lives, but this is it , time to say good bye .
Good bye my radioactive family , good bye my friends and thank you a lot for this incredible year.
It’s been a long day without you, my friends
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again…😢

Thank y’all for such amazing year, and one huge thanks to the professors for the satisfying results💕

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