Interview with author William Becker

Hello everyone!! I hope y’all doing allright!

So, today we’re having a unique and different post. I had the pleasure to interview William Becker; the author of “Grey skies” (you can read my review here)!! Isn’t that just amazing!?!?

PS. This is the first interview I’ve ever done, it has flaws and there’s a lot of things I should improve but *squealing like a 5 yo child(I’m meaning my youngest sister here but,please, don’t tell her)* THIS WAS EXCITING. I’ll be doing more interviews!!!

First of all, what do you enjoy/hate about the writing process?

I really really hate those longer sections that are crucial to the book, but I don’t feel like writing. A lot of times, I’ll have a ton of build up to a scene that adds a lot to the book, but the scene is what I want to write, not the build up. I just have to be patient, I enjoy seeing my finished products and seeing people’s reactions to them more than anything else. It’s the best feeling in the entire world.

What was/is your motivation to write?

I’ve always done it because I enjoy the hell out of it, but I’ve had a secondary motivation most of the time. For a long time, it was spite. I wanted to be better than what anyone thought I could be. Then, I did it for fame, but that was misguided and led to a lot of massive upsets. Currently, I do it to make a consistently enjoyable body of work that can appeal to both me and my readers. If I like it and my cult fan base like it, I’m happy.

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

There was a kid when I was third grade who said he wanted to put me in a crate and ship me to Africa. That really disturbed me, so maybe that.

What kind of research did you do, and how long did you spend researching before beginning your book?

I researched a lot with ciphers and a bit about crime scenes/ lawyers. It was mostly pretty light research and me going on impulse. I knew the book had to be out there in a very calculated way. I didn’t spend a long time researching anything.

What did you mean by Mark is in the box? Did I miss something, or are you actually planning to write a sequel to this book?

Well, I noticed in your review that you called my novel a debut, which isn’t true. I wrote my first book when I was 14, and that book features Mark Hammelton. Grey Skies features Mark Hammelton, The White Shade does also. The Black Box is the only story currently released by me that does not mention him by name. He does hold a lot of meaning which I’m not ready to reveal at this time, but it’ll become clear as more work comes out, all I can say is that is directly ties into the messages from the observer. All of my stories are in the same universe, technically. There’s a lot to decipher.

What do you mean by “forever divided into two”?

It’s a clue from one cipher to another. Props to you for getting halfway there, you’ve just got to know how to use it. Remember the ideas of division and separating something directly in two. It’ll come to you 🙂

Are the characters in “Grey skies” based on real or imaginary people? In other words, how did you create them?

Well, during a lot of my life, I’ve had some pretty harsh anger issues and I’ve held some intense grudges. Occasionally, I remember hearing from my parents or my friends that one day, I’d hurt someone really bad if I didn’t calm down. As I got older and they got more intense, I got really worried that I would grow up to become abusive. It became a giant fear of mine. Roman Toguri is me; well, he’s a very dark and misguided version of me, but the things he does in the story are things I was terrified of seeing myself doing. I was scared of hitting someone, killing someone, turning to drugs, etc.. I’m much better now in terms of anger, and perhaps it could be concluded that my fears were a bit irrational, but that’s what the book is about, the mind becoming irrational. It’s a giant character study of both Roman and myself. Also, Adrian is inspired slightly by Saul Goodman.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, if you have anything like some piece of advice or anything, don’t hesitate to comment it below.

Until the next time!!!

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