July wrap-up

Hello fellow bloggers, readers, horse/butterflies-lovers, bookworms!!! Hope y’all doing great.

So, I decided that I’ll start doing monthly wrap-ups, starting from this month (August 2019)!! I couldn’t do this kind of things before since I was truly occupied by high school and what comes with it from stress, anxiety and that awful stuff.

Anyway, I’ll try summing up as much as I can, so let’s get going!!

Monthly highlights :

★ As you know, last month I graduated from high school and since that time I’ve been preparing for test admissions. It was quite exhausting and stressing me out, and to be utterly honest, I’m glad that period had past and well everything went real smooth and good. I mean despite the pressure and the doubt about what if I wasn’t accepted, what if something bad happened and a lot of other what ifs, my work didn’t go in vain and I can now imagine a blurry image of me after like 5 years (an engineer) which kind of put me at ease.

★ I’m 23 books away from my reading challenge to read 50 books !!

★ Can you believe it if I told you that I actually used (successfully may I add) codes like HTML and CSS in this post!?!? I’ve never used codes before, this is the first time and *taking a deep breath to calm my nerves because I can’t sit still* I’m beyond thrilled with the result, I’m going to try to improve my skills of course but as a start I think I deserve a pat on the back. Thank you Alex for your amazing post!!!

★ Happy 19th anniversary mom and dad!! I Love you!!!!♥ ♥ ♥

Books read :

(all are 4 ★ except the Wicked King and A Thousand Perfect Notes which are 5 ★)

Secrets in translation The Omega's Rebellion The Wicked King

Grey Skies Vault of Verona A Thousand Perfect Notes


Book review: Secrets in translation Interview with author William Becker Book review:A Thousand Perfect Notes

That’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it. And…How was July for you? Anything planned for August?

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