August Wrap-up

Hello fellow readers (especially you who are reading this 😉), it’s the end of August already and September is coming; which means 2020 is near and college is nearer! Hope you had a wonderful August and will have a great September❤️

There weren’t many news things I’ve done this month, But I certainly have read quite a bit (mainly because I know that I won’t have much time when college starts to read)

Monthly highlights:

  • I’m 70% through my reading challenge!!
  • Have you realize it yet??! I changed the header images for all post(even the blog’s) , I’m trying to follow a theme, what do you think??
  • Sea is sooooo cold

Books read:
(most of them are part of an upcoming blog tour, so… stay tuned)

my sister's keeper why she lied The prince's prisoner

behind the mirror  turn of mind Collingwood flat

the hunger games Different time we hunt the flame


And don’t forget to check out my review for My sister’s keeper on Kelly’s blog; Another Book in the Wall .

That’s all for me, what about you??? How was your August? Any plans for September?!

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