Book Review: Just in case #blogtour


Just in Case: Twenty-one Bite-sized Stories
Laura McHale Holland
Publication date: August 17th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary

Imagine a world where shadows of enchantment instantly render ordinary experiences eerie, terrifying or sublime, and where the unexpected becomes the norm. The twenty-one micro stories in Laura McHale Holland’s Just in Case comprise such a place: a universe where a wife betrayed relishes her revenge; a couple chugging toward retirement takes a surprising U-turn; a much maligned character finally has his say; a cozy family scene chills the blood; a curious relative cannot leave a half-human baby alone. These, and more, are what you’ll find in this book.

The dark, often revealing themes in this collection marry exquisitely with the precise flash fiction form, offering a full reading experience in few words. If you enjoy engaging, short reads with deliciously poetic prose, plenty of imagery, and context left to the imagination, you’re likely to love the concise gems found herein.

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Author Bio:

In all of her work, Laura McHale Holland strives to stir people’s emotions and find hope hidden in unlikely places. Her novel, The Kiminee Dream, set for release in 2020, introduces a cast of quirky characters in a fictional Illinois river town where unseen forces both help and hinder, and people learn to rise in the face of adversity, accept what can never be and embrace big dreams anew. Laura’s published books include two memoirs, two collections of flash fiction, and an anthology on sisterhood. In addition, three of her plays have been produced in San Francisco’s North Bay region.

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Just in case is in fact twenty one very very short stories as the title clearly stats, it was sooo fast. I wish some of them were a little bit taller, I mean I like open endings but this one has twenty one open endings! Some of them are a paragraph’s length!!

I don’t think I fancy this way of writing that much, but it was a good read in general.


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Just in case #blogtour”

  1. Thanks for taking time to read my little book of very stories and sharing your thoughts on the book here. I’ll be publishing a novel next year. That might be more satisfying to you since the abbreviated stories in this book aren’t really your cup of tea.

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