Reindeer Readathon

Hello everyone!! Wishing y’all a happy day and hope you’re doing great!

So, this post is quite late but Oh well better late than never. Anyway, there’s a readathon that I participated in, it’s hosted by @BreakevenBooks and it’s for the whole December!

I’ll be posting what books I’ll read for it today and I’ll try my best to post at least two reviews/updates by the end of this week since my final exams are next week,I’ll be offline


A fast book (book under 250 pages)


A book that has a main thme of dance or music


A book that has moved around on your shelf a lot but you still haven’t read yet


A book with a strong female character


A book that you think will have a big impact on you


A book that has romance as its main theme


A book you think has a beautiful cover


A graphic novel


A book with red on the cover

Extra points: Christmas star

A book with over 500 pages

That’s my Tbr for this readathon, have you read any of this books?? Did you like it/them?! Are you participating in this readathon as well? Comment it all down below!!


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