Hellllo everyone!! Happy new year and may it be a key to new beginnings full of joy, success and wishes’ granting!

So, as the earth completed its full rotation around the sun, I have officially completed one year of my blogging journey! bhdysgqjhbnfekjsyughdvhj My cute baby is one year old!!!!

And, you know, I think this is the right time to reveal a tiny little secret…….. I actually signed up on WordPress by mistake,

I mean I wasn’t even planning to start a blog but then, one day later, I woke up and I found a notification from WordPress and I was like WHAAAAT?? After thinking for a little bit, I decided why not?! Let’s try this out and if it doesn’t work then okay, nothing will happen *shrug*

So, it was truly awesome and really really encouraging when I discovered that I’m actually somewhat good at this and that this is what I really like doing, This is what I actually KNOW how to do; Blabbing about books and things I like!!

  • I’ve met a lot of amazing fellow bloggers and Authors and just people who are really supportive and helpful and amazing….You ARE the BEST!! Huge thanks to my parents who I love from the bottom of the bottom of my heart, yeah mom I won’t give up on studying too!!
  • This is the first year I keep track of what I’m reading and which ones I like (and dislike). So, in a way, blogging has been a way for me to organize my reading habits and I actually reread my posts a lot of times if I want to remember what I think of a certain book or just because….and I actually feel what I’ve been feeling when I was writing the review the first time, a sort of a diary, which kinda pushes me to keep expressing my opinion and pour my emotions in every one of them.
  • I gotta admit, blogging and studying at the same time is really hard! Especially when it’s exams’ season, but I’m trying my best to balance between these two and my own life. Following a posting pattern Like posting twice a week or something like that isn’t really in my blood, I tried it before and it just didn’t work so ,for now, I’ll be just posting whenever I can…..if any of you have a suggestion, comment it down below!! I’ll be truly thankful!
  • I’ll try to post something other than book reviews this year, I’m brainstorming ideas for some new posts and again, if there’s something you’d like to see, comment it down below! In fact, my next post will be like my first ever post on here read it(my first post) here

Thank y’all for the support and love you showed to LiS (Librorum in Sempiternum… and me too), Words truly cannot describe grateful and happy I am!!!

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