Book Review: Identity Theft (A Kenny Elliot Mystery)

Hello fellow bookworms!! how are y’all doing?!? I’m doing great thank you!! *smile*

Before starting my review of the day, I would like to thank the author for sending the e-copy of the book to me in exchange of an honest review. (that didn’t affect my opinions or thoughts in any way) 😁

“A suspense novel from page one, and you never knew which way the character or storyline was going to go.” –Reading Is My Remedy

Kenny Elliot has decided to quit his job as a police detective with a knack for perceiving things beyond the scope of ordinary people. He dreams of leading a normal life with Carmen, the woman he loves, and the mother of his child. But when the pastor of his church asks for his help, he discovers that a fellow police officer, David Yates, has gotten himself into a jam that only someone like Elliot can handle.

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Bob Avey is the author of the Detective Elliot mystery series, which includes, Twisted Perception (2006), and Beneath a Buried House (2008). In addition, he has published various short stories and non-fiction articles. He lives with his wife and son in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where he works as an accountant in the petroleum industry.

When he’s not writing, reading, or researching crime, and crime scene investigation, he spends his time roaming through ghost towns searching for echoes from the past. Through his writing, which he describes as a blend of literary and genre, he explores the intricacies and extremities of human nature.

Bob is a member of The Tulsa NightWriters, The Oklahoma Writers Federation (active board member for 2006), The Oklahoma Mystery Writers, and Mystery Writers of America.

When I read the synopsis of this book, I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect from it. It said that Detective Eliot has a knack for perceiving things beyond the scope of ordinary people, I didn’t think much of it really, like I thought maybe it was just ,you know, normal stuff?!?!

However, upon reading the first few chapters, I discovered that’s not the case! There’s really some weird things happening right there, like really really weird! I won’t say anything specific because I want this to be a spoiler-free review, but let’s just say that the plot itself is something that just don’t can’t happen everyday! as far as I know at least and that was what captured my attention and made me wonder if such things can happen… I’m still wondering, I shouldn’t think too much of it since it’s a work of fiction and all, but I’m just Curious to know!!

Kenny is a Tulsa detective who wants to quit his current job and start a new normal life with his family. Though, his boss won’t accept his letter of resignation because, even though he’s not really the best cop out there, he managed to come out on top in various cases that no one could ever solve. Kenny is the kind of cops who works alone with an unorthodox style, relying more on instinct and intuition than hard facts. In fact, he’s usually if not always relying on his gut-feelings throughout the whole book, and it was kinda odd reading a story about a detective who does something because he knew/felt like it was the right thing to do, because somehow he’s just attracted to it.

Then instinct took over, and I slowed things down, but even in that
dreamlike state, where I could react in a manner that seemed to come
before the action, it could still go wrong.

I mean, I enjoyed it (it’s my first book of Bob Avey’s four-book Detective Kenny Elliot mystery series) but I won’t deny that it was sometimes rather annoying😶 .

To sum it all up, it was a pretty good read and if you like Crime Fiction and thriller books with a little mix of Fantasy (it has a bit of a Christian novel in it too), then this is for YOU!

Hope y’all enjoyed reading my tiny review!!….. and see ya!! 👋👋

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