Book Review: Venators: Magic Unleashed

Hello everyone! Hope you and your families and loved ones are doing great ❤

For me, I’ve been hammered with homework, like a LOOOOT of it that I forgot all about writing this post! 😅 Sorry Dave, sorry Devri!!

How have y’all been with what’s currently going on (quarantine, that which shall be not named…)?!

Welcome to Eon. An alternate dimension where fantasy and paranormal is reality, and humans sit at the bottom of the food chain. In this world of unadulterated power and ability, the innocent suffer greatly. The ruling council of Eon has selected two humans, born of the Venator bloodline, and brought them through the gate—wishing to manipulate their strength and special abilities for the council’s corrupt purposes. But, Grey and Rune have very different ideas. 

When their college dorm is infiltrated by creatures from another realm, Rune Jenkins, her twin brother Ryker, and old friend Grey Malteer are thrown into unexpected, twisted chaos. While Rune and Gray are able to escape, Ryker is kidnapped away to Eon, the alternate world from whence these dark beings came. 

With the help of a supernatural guide, Rune and Gray must now travel to Eon to save Ryker, and discover the illuminating truth about their ancestry. In this new world of fae, vampires, werewolves, and wizards, power is abundant and always in flux. Rune and Grey are being set up as pawns in a very dangerous game and must find their way through – and out of – Eon before it consumes them.

Devri Walls is an international best selling author. She lives in Meridian, Idaho with her husband, two children and one adorable little mutt. Writing in all things fantasy, she would do just about anything for a working magic wand.

Mostly because she’s a walking disaster and a wand would be of enormous help…although she’d probably trip and break it. So, there’s that.

She graduated with a degree in theater and has studied vocal performance most of her life. She now teaches voice lessons when she’s not writing novels, cooking dinner, playing taxi, spending time with her amazingly supportive husband or trying to read.

The first thing I want to talk about is the cover, it certainly give off an paranormal-ish aura (for me, at least)…. I wanted to know more about that girl, what is she fighting and all about what’s generally going on. After reading the blurb and knowing there’s supernaturals (vampires, werewolves, elves…..) was pretty exciting!! And thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed!

Rune, with her twin Ryker, and Grey were just normal teenagers, attending a very normal school. But things changed so much the day creature we only read about in fairy tales entered their world and tried to kidnap them. They only managed to kidnap Ryker while Rune and Grey managed to escape with the help of Tate who was sent from the council (in Eon) to bring them over the other realm so that they can defeat Zio, because apparently they were Venators.

It was an interesting read, I loved reading about the different creatures, every time the word fae was mentioned I thought of Cardan tho *giggles*, and them living in another realm much like our own but different in many ways was just adorable and quite cool…. I just love it!


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