Book Review: 337

337 By M Jonathan Lee

337 follows the life of Samuel Darte whose mother vanished when he was in his teens. It was his brother, Tom who found her wedding ring on the kitchen table along with the note. While their father pays the price of his mother’s disappearance, Sam learns that his long-estranged Gramma is living out her last days in a nursing home nearby. Keen to learn about what really happened that day and realising the importance of how little time there is, he visits her to finally get the truth. Soon it’ll be too late and the family secrets will be lost forever. Reduced to ashes. But in a story like this, nothing is as it seems.

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M Jonathan Lee is a nationally shortlisted author who was born Yorkshire where he still lives today with twins, James and Annabel.

His debut novel, The Radio was shortlisted for The Novel Prize 2012. He has spoken in schools, colleges, prisons and universities about creative writing and storytelling and appeared at various literary festivals including Sheffield’s Off the Shelf and Doncaster’s Turn the Page festival.

His second novel, The Page was released in February 2015.

His much anticipated third novel, A Tiny Feeling of Fear was released in September 2015 and tells the story of a character struggling with mental illness. All profits from this novel are donated to charity to raise awareness of mental health issues. This was accompanied by the short film, Hidden which was directed by Simon Gamble.

In 2016, he signed for boutique publishers, Hideaway Fall and his fourth novel Broken Branches was released in July 2017, winning book of the month in Candis magazine for September.

He is a tireless campaigner for mental health awareness and writes his own column regularly for the Huffington Post. He has recently written for the Big Issue and spoken at length about his own personal struggle on the BBC and Radio Talk Europe.

His fifth book, the critically acclaimed Drift Stumble Fall was released in Spring 2018. His sixth novel, 337 was released on 30 November 2020.

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Hello and welcome again to another review!! Hope y’all doing okay ❤

I would like to thank Holly from Hideaway Fall for providing me with a copy in exchange of an honest review. that didn’t affect my opinion ofc. Thank you Holly and Hideaway Fall and M Jonathan Lee again!!! ❤ ❤

When I first read the synopsis of 337, I was quite intrigued but I wasn’t really sure what to expect as is the case with most books tbh. But, I wasn’t disappointed with what I got at all! It was a really captivating read that I would highly recommend!

337 tells the story of Samuel Darte (Sam) and the events that took place in his childhood that eventually affected his life as an adult. When he was about twelve, his mother disappeared like poof, it was his younger brother Thomas (Tom) who found her wedding ring along with the note on the kitchen table. As his father is paying the price of his mother’s disappearence, Sam has to take on the responsability of caring for his grandmother during her last days in a nearby nursing home. The fact that his grandmother might die along with the knowledge she has of his mother’s disappearence made him put aside their rocky relationship/past and visit her.

I absolutely loved the way the story was written, there was this deep connection between me as a reader and the characters. This is the first book I’ve read by M Jonathan Lee but it certainly wouldn’t be the last! His writing style is spot on and really fascinating, I’m truly amazed how well he managed to make such book. From the dying of his grandmother (I mean the events that took place before, during and after that:-) ) to the relantionship between the characters (especially the two brothers), everything was masterfully written.

The other thing I loved is the book itself, it can be read from both sides and as you reach the ending, things become confusingly clear Does that makes any sense?!??! I mean, I still haven’t understood exactly what some things mean, I feel like I might have missed somethings but it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the story. In fact, I liked it more!

Another thing I liked was the first chapter, it’s so beautiful!!! It gets you right in there, to become a part of the story that’s about to unfold!

Please not the double-ended upside-down opening for this book is available in books ordered in hard copy from UK booksellers only.

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