Book Review: Amari and the Night Brothers

Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B.Alston

Genres: MG, Fantasy

Quinton Peters was the golden boy of the Rosewood low-income housing projects, receiving full scholarship offers to two different Ivy League schools. When he mysteriously goes missing, his little sister, 13-year-old Amari Peters, can’t understand why it’s not a bigger deal. Why isn’t his story all over the news? And why do the police automatically assume he was into something illegal?

Then Amari discovers a ticking briefcase in her brother’s old closet. A briefcase meant for her eyes only. There was far more to Quinton, it seems, than she ever knew. He’s left her a nomination for a summer tryout at the secretive Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. Amari is certain the answer to finding out what happened to him lies somewhere inside, if only she can get her head around the idea of mermaids, dwarves, yetis and magicians all being real things, something she has to instantly confront when she is given a weredragon as a roommate.

Amari must compete against some of the nation’s wealthiest kids—who’ve known about the supernatural world their whole lives and are able to easily answer questions like which two Great Beasts reside in the Atlantic Ocean and how old is Merlin? Just getting around the Bureau is a lesson alone for Amari with signs like ‘Department of Hidden Places this way, or is it?’ If that all wasn’t enough, every Bureau trainee has a talent enhanced to supernatural levels to help them do their jobs – but Amari is given an illegal ability. As if she needed something else to make her stand out.

With an evil magican threatening the whole supernatural world, and her own classmates thinking she is an enemy, Amari has never felt more alone. But if she doesn’t pass the three tryouts, she may never find out what happened to Quinton.

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Hello and welcome back guys!! Hope y’all are doing great and in good health! ❤

Today is my stop for the Amari and the Night Brother blog tour hosted by @WriteReadsTours — Thank you Dave @The_WriteReads for allowing me to participate in this AWESOME tour!!

Amari and the Night Brothers follows the story of Amari Peters after the disappearance of her brother Quinton. Quinton was the golden boy of the Rosewood low-income housing projects, receiving full scholarship offers to two different Ivy League schools. However, when he suddenly disappeared, the police automatically assumed that he was into illegal stuff and that he’s probably dead. Yet, Amari is so determined that her brother is no such thing and will try to prove it.

What she didn’t expect is that her brother actually was more than what she thought — not necessarily in a bad way–, starting with the ticking briefcase in his wardrobe that’s meant for Amari‘s eyes only. He’s nominated her to a summer tryout at the secretive Bureau of Supernatural Affairs where things we think are only myths like Yetis, Mermaids, magicians and more are very much real.

She has to pass the tryouts, which means competing against kids that have lived their whole lives knowing about the supernatural world, to be able to find out what the Bureau knows about her brother’s disappearance.

Imagine waking up one day to discover that there’s a whole other world similar to ours but whose inhabitant are supernaturals. There would be lots and lots and lots of magic and things we could only dream about… It would be truly wonderful, don’t you agree?…. I mean, it would be unless these supernaturals are up to some evil plans… That’s what it felt like reading this book.

There is just so much awesomeness in this book that I really don’t know where to start. Honestly, this one has blown my mind and played with my heart like one might play with slime. 😀

The first thing to mention is… Did you see how beautiful those covers are?? I mean, yeah we shouldn’t judge a book simply by its cover but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves, can we?!

I also truly liked the way it was written, it’s one of those books that pulls you in slowly but surely until it becomes very hard to put it down. In fact, while I was reading it, I was alternating between rushing through it as fast as I can while also slowing down a bit to savor each chapter for as long as possible. The idea of taking a break from reading to do daily tasks suddenly became even more frustrating. Getting to the end was a rather bittersweet encounter, I was like: Oh, this is the end?!…


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