October TBR

Hello! Welcome…or welcome back!!

Hope y’all are good, safe, and healthy HRU?. It’s been a while, a lot of things happened since the last time I wrote on here and… yeah…

BUT, I finally got my sh*t together and I’m planning to be more active–not as active as I’d like since uni is starting Monday–but it’s something. In fact, I have some posts already scheduled, stay tuned for those!!

Now, let’s get right into it, shall we?!

Below are a list of books I’d like to read this month–I hope to read more but those are like the minimum.

The Gifts of life (Colours of Humanity #1) by Olive Smuhar

I’m really embarrassed to say that I was supposed to finish this a loooong time ago but I just keep putting it off. I’m positive I might be able to read it this month though. It–the book–has some life lessons that we’re supposed to get through reading the journey of the main characters.


Anxious People by Fedrik Backman

I’ve read/heard a lot of people talk about how good this is. Apparently, it’s an emotional, funny, lighthearted, and hopeful book. I’ve been looking for similar books and this one just keeps popping up every time, so I thought that this would be the perfect book to tackle this month.


The Good Witch of the South by T. C. Bartlett

This one was kindly sent to me by the author, who I thank a lot, to read and review. It is inspired by the witches of Oz. Definitely a Halloween-ish read to get to this month.


Get a life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

This is one I’ve been looking forward reading for a while now. I’ve heard mixed opinions about it, but it seems that most people like it… and I like the title and the cover. It seems like a lighthearted, funny, and relaxing read that would fit well in the stressful days to come.


Sooo, that’s it! That’s what I’m planning to read in October, though I hope I can squeeze a few more.

Did you read any of them? If yes, was it good or meh? What are you planning to read this month? Are there any books that you’d like me to read/you recommend? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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