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Book Review: The House Of The Wolf

The House of the Wolf by Alison Baird

Genre: fantasy

A young girl fears that her late father’s family are werewolves — and worse, that she may be one too…


Huge thanks to the author Alison Baird for giving a digital copy of her book in exchange for an honest review….. Thank you so much and sorry this is quite late!!

The House of the Wolf is a story that mixes reality and mythology in such a beautiful way!!

Alison really did a great job at making the experience of reading her book more entertaining, I liked the usage of both English and French (thankfully, I know French) and not sticking to English only, it made the story cooler. It was easy to lose myself through it and imagine things. It gave it a unique touch of sorts that I quite like. The only issue for me was how slow it got at some points.

The development of characters was very clear throughout the book. I liked that how very realistic they react and think; even though they’re far from real (are they??!).

I would recommend this to anyone who would like to try a different approach to the werewolves’ world. Or simply if you’d enjoy a story about people coming in terms with themselves

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