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Top Ten Tuesday || Books I Would Hand to Someone Who Claims to Not Like Reading

Once I saw that today’s topic for TTT was books I would recommend to someone who doesn’t read, I got a bit too excited because that’s what I usually do… There aren’t really many readers that I know irl (if they read, they don’t read English books. So whenever I get the opportunity, I like telling them about books they might like)

Of course, this is quite tricky since it would be helpful to know what that person’s favorite genres are in advance. However, below are a list of books I think can be recommended to almost everyone. Enjoy!!

P.S. Clicking on the cover will take you to its Goodreads page.

A Thousand Perfect Notes by C. G. Drew

The Boy Who steals Houses by C. G. Drew

The Trials of Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor #1)

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone's cover

Anxious People

Anxious People's cover

Amari and The Night Brothers

Amari and the Night Brothers' Cover


The Hunger Games

We Hunt the Flame

The Silent Patient

So, what do you think of these books? Are there any that you’ve read and liked? Any ones you think I should add instead?



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