Book review: Of Blood and Magic

Disclaimer: This is the second book in Of Light and Darkness series, if you haven’t read the first book yet and are planning to do so, I suggest you don’t read this review (because spoilers…)

Of Blood and Magic by Shayne Leighton

Genres: Fantasy, YA, paranormal

For readers who require something sinister between J.K. Rowling and Anne Rice.

Charlotte and Valek have returned from Prague to their home in the Bohemian Occult City, this time, accompanied by their newfound family.

By daylight, all seems peaceful. But when night befalls them again… danger decends upon our loveable coven of misfits and monsters once more. 

Will love conquer death …or will Charlotte drown in her own, toxic blood?

Gothic ambience and a baroque aesthetic return in this highly-anticiapated second installment of the Of Light and Darkness seres, a modern fantasy for readers who thirst for something different.

The fairy tale continues… 



Of Blood and Magic is quite an interesting book in many aspects. For one, the relationship between Valek and Charlotte, I don’t mean to offend anyone or anything but their relationship still feels highly strange for me. He raised her since she was a baby! I know that from the beginning, it was more of guardian and his ward than a father and his daughter. It’s just weird… interesting nevertheless… but weird!

I personally like this one more than the first one; it is waaaaay more darker than the first one. I really like where things are going so far, I also like the characters’ development throughout the book, especially Charlotte. While I think she still has a long way, the Charlotte from the first book is quite different–less mature–than this Charlotte.

I’ve always been curious to read some of Shayne’s books and I’m really glad I decided to pick this one!

4 stars

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