Magical readathon update

Hello and welcome!! Hope you’re having a blessful morning/night!

How’s September treating you? Sending good vibes to y’all ❤

One thing is for sure though; I’m READY FOR FALL SEASON!!! Are ya’all??! Also, can you believe it will be the end of the month in just three months??

source: GIPHY

I wanted to update you on my magical readathon journey; it had been a huge success fortunately! I managed to tick books from my tbr, and I also discovered a new favorite!!!

So, these are the books I’ve read for the Magical readathon (tbr post here!), you can click on the cover to be redirected to my review of the book.

O in Shapeshifting

O – Wings on the cover:

Six of Crows book cover

D in Art of Illusion

O-Book I don’t know much about:

Generation Manifestation book cover

Q- Book under 300 pages:

Confess book cover

D- Pick a prompt from the last semester

Regretting You book cover

O in Psionics & Divination

O- Story featuring time travel

A Discovery of Witches book cover

How was your reading last month? Read any new favorites?


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