My TBR for the Magical Readathon: August Equinox

Via GIPHY Hello and welcome!! It's been a while since my last post and I really miss talking with y'all! Firstly, how have you been?! Hope life is treating you with kindness and compassion (which I like to think it does even though sometimes it's hard to see it <3) Secondly, are you taking part… Continue reading My TBR for the Magical Readathon: August Equinox

Book Spotlight: The Seer of Serone

Book Spotlight: The Seer of Serone banner

Hello everyone!! Hope you're enjoying this lovely Friday--planning for the weekend's tbr. I would like to thank Books Forwards for the opportunity to help promote this book, it seems like a really fun read. What do y'all think?! Whimsical fantasy series featuring tiny magical beings returns with a new spellbinding adventure. The author of the… Continue reading Book Spotlight: The Seer of Serone

November tbr || What I’m planning to read this month!!

November tbr banner

It's really joyeful scary how fast time goes. 2022 is very very near guys!!! How are you feeling about that?! Since my October tbr surprisingly went according to plan--I managed to read eleven books!!, I decided I'll do another one for this month. November will be more busy for me (mainly because of Uni), but… Continue reading November tbr || What I’m planning to read this month!!


Hello everyone! Hope y'all are doing great and healthy and safe... First of all, can you believe it's May already?! Time is flying pretty fast guys!! Happy May!!<3 Secondly, so.... it's been a while since I last posted and I wanted to do a pretty late check-in... I've been feeling under the weather for quite… Continue reading Hi!

The Kompromat Kill

Welcome to the blog tour for The Kompromat Kill by Michael Jenkins, another riveting spy thriller from The Failsafe Query series! The Kompromat Kill (Standalone) Genre: Thriller/ Espionage/ Action/ Spy Thriller Publication Date: June 2019 ‘They were preparing for decades – now it’s time to take them down……’ Hiding overseas with a price on his head,… Continue reading The Kompromat Kill

Book Spotlight: The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain

The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain By Lorin Morgan-Richards Genre: Fantasy This story follows the lives of undertakers Otis, Pyridine, and their daughter Orphie. Pyridine is a witch and matriarch mortician, Otis is a brainless but bold hearse driver, and Orphie is appointed grave digger for her strength of twenty men. Through bumbling, Otis… Continue reading Book Spotlight: The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain

Some of the books I’d lOve to read in 2020

Hello everyone!! Wishing you a happy and successful day! I'm doing great, thank ya! Soo, as I said on my last post, this one will be as the title says about some of the books I want to read in 2020. This list is not the full list of the books I want to read… Continue reading Some of the books I’d lOve to read in 2020


Hellllo everyone!! Happy new year and may it be a key to new beginnings full of joy, success and wishes' granting! So, as the earth completed its full rotation around the sun, I have officially completed one year of my blogging journey! bhdysgqjhbnfekjsyughdvhj My cute baby is one year old!!!! And, you know, I think… Continue reading Blogiversary

Reindeer Readathon

Hello everyone!! Wishing y'all a happy day and hope you're doing great! So, this post is quite late but Oh well better late than never. Anyway, there's a readathon that I participated in, it's hosted by @BreakevenBooks and it's for the whole December! I'll be posting what books I'll read for it today and I'll… Continue reading Reindeer Readathon