Review policy

Hello and welcome;

If you’re an author/ publisher/ writer and you would like me to review your book, you can contact me here, or by emailing me at, or through my profile at BookSirens.

I mostly read YA, fantasy, mystery , suspence , distopia, mythology, Psychological and thriller books ,so feel free to contact me :). I am accepting e-book (ePub/ PDFs) and physical copies (I’m in Morocco by the way).

Please keep in mind that I’ll do my best to respond as quick as possible even if I don’t like your offer.

Having said that, I maintain that I’ll review the book either on Goodreads or on this blog (I’ll send you the review once finished), and I’ll write down honestly every single thing I like/dislike about the book.

Thanks for your interest!!

Note: Unfortunately, I’m not accepting any more requests now, I have a lot already to sort through and uni to take care of. It may take a few months. Thank you ❤ !!