Top 10 List: Changed

Changed (The Made Ones Saga #2)
by Vicki Stiefel
Publication date: August 13th 2020
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

What if you could be young again? Would it be a dream come true or truly a nightmare?

That’s the startling reality retired circus trapeze artist Breena Balážová awakens to on the world of Eleutia in her own re-engineered younger body. For a woman whose death on Earth was inches away, it seems like a second chance at life. But in this parallel world, where horses fly and animals and humans are symbionts, Bree is intended as breeding stock to balance the plummeting female birthrate.

As she searches for her missing sisters, who were pulled to Eleutia with her, Bree also must survive assassination attempts, the growing threat of war, and her unexpected attraction to the arrogant animal Clan Alpha, Gato, a man with terrible burdens and secrets.

The animal Clans join forces to combat a dark conspiracy that will shake the foundations of their world, even as Bree’s search for her sisters grows more desperate and dangerous.

If Bree has any hope of finding her sisters and fulfilling her own destiny, she and Gato must carry out a perilous deception, their success or failure deciding not only their own fate, but that of all Eleutia.

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Top 10 best Fantasy Tropes:

1— The Quest – my favorite trope. If done right, it’s so exciting. Think Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. 

2— The Chosen One – Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, and so many more. 

3— The Reluctant Hero – I love a reluctant hero because they not only have to fight against others, but themselves. 

4— Magical beasts – Oh, yes, please. My mistrals (flying horses) are magic, but scientifically they work as well. Their bones are the strongest element on Eleutia, but incredibly light and hollow, like a bird’s. Even unicorns, if handled properly, can be marvelous. See Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series. 

5— The Mentor – a classic, and one that can be terrific. Obi Wan was a mentor, as was Gandalf. 

6— Time Travel – Bill and Ted anyone? And I love time travel romances, too. 

7— The Brooding Wounded Tormented Hero – my favorite kind. 

8— Makeover Story – Changed is a makeover story…in reverse. 

9— Magic and Powers – Who doesn’t love magic and powers? But are they handled well or poorly? As they say on Eleutia, “Magic is science we don’t yet understand.” 

10— A Training Sequence – these can be such fun because you’re watching the evolution of a character. Plus all the sweat and grime, heaving and frustration. Fun, right? 

One I dislike 

The Homogenous Species – How come all elves are beautiful? Why are all trolls are ugly? All wizards are old and gnarled? Why??? 

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