Book Review: A Starlet is Born

Am I just reviewing a book I read in 2019?!? …..Ummmmm, yeah!! expect more to come *smile*

Green aliens, the original residents of the earth, are temporarily living in Greenovia, a planet at the edge of the great black hole. They are concerned that with the way humans are treating the planet, there might not be anything left of it when they will return. To figure why humans are not taking care of their planet, they send a spy to live on earth as a human being. The mission goes wrong, however, and disrupts the romantic life as we know it. The alien romance, however, turns to be a key in understanding the humans’ plan for the environment.

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PS. I received an e-copy of this book by the author in exchange of an honest review, which I really thank them for!

The blurb for this one looks promising and it made me want to know more about the book itself, I wanted to try something with aliens and just, try something different.

However, upon reading it (which didn’t take long because it’s a really small book, like 50 pages or something like that), I was surprised by how much nothingness I felt.

I think what was an obstacle/problem for me here was the serious lack of characters’ description, which was why I felt super detached from the characters and made it quite hard to like reading it. It would have been better if there was some unique characteristics or like something other than just, just ….. That

5 thoughts on “Book Review: A Starlet is Born”

  1. Thanks for the review. I would appreciate it if you could elaborate on “lack of characters’ description”. Do you mean that you expected some paragraphs dedicated to describing each character? Or that the characters did not shape properly throughout their interactions that are reflected in the story?

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    1. What I meant by that is, as you put it, the characters did not shape properly throughout their interactions that are reflected in the story…. I didn’t get to feel some kind of connection with them so I just read it without really imagining what would likely happen or like, feeling what they feel and getting myself in their shoes…. to know more about them.
      *You’re welcome and…Thank you as well!!!


  2. Thanks for the feedback. The story is updated to address the comments. The characters specifically are now round and more developed.


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