Book Review: Manipulative lives

Manipulated Lives by H.A. Leuschel

Genre: Short stories

Five compelling true-to-life stories each highlighting a narcissist’s manipulative mind games.
Narcissists are everywhere.
They can be witty, charming and highly charismatic.
Anyone can be their target.
At first their devious, calculating mind games can be hard to spot because they are masters of disguise, but then they revert to their true self of being controlling and angry in private. Their main aim: to dominate and use others to satisfy their needs, with a complete lack of compassion and empathy for their victim.
All stories highlight to what extent narcissistic abuse can distort lives and threaten our self-worth yet ultimately, also send a positive message that once the narcissist is unmasked, the victims can at last break free.

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Helene Andrea Leuschel gained a Master in Journalism & Communication, which led to a career in radio and television in Brussels, London and Edinburgh. She later acquired a Master in Philosophy, specializing in the study of the mind. Helene has a particular interest in emotional, psychological and social well-being and this led her to write her first novel, Manipulated Lives, a fictional collection of five novellas, each highlighting the dangers of interacting with narcissists. She lives with her husband and two children in Portugal.

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Manipulated Lives is a set of five novellas, each highlighting the effects a manipulator can happen on people.

Each story has its own meaningful lessons that we should really take advice from. Don’t ever trust/fall for manipulative people!! EVER!! They were all written wonderfully and precisely to convey just how far someone can go to achieve what they want at the expanse of others.

Manipulators are twisted people who sees other fellow human beings as their own toy to use whenever they need something from them only to abruptly throw them away the second they have no more use o them, and I think more people should be aware o this in order to avoid getting themselves in such situations or at least get away from it as soon as possible.

I could sense that lots and lots of research went into these novellas, there was a lot of precise descriptions and I found a lot of them quite accurate.

The five novellas are as follows:

  • Tess and Tattoos
  • The Spell
  • Runaway Girl
  • The Narcissist
  • The Perfect Child

The ones I personally found most intriguing were The Spell, Runaway Girl and The Perfect Child.

Even though short stories aren’t something I usually enjoy, I thoroughly enjoyed this one and would really recommend it!!

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